Saturday, December 17, 2011

it's been a month...

...of me as Mrs. Patt.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Phill Mart and Korean Mart - Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

i just got back from korean mart at ampang. this time i bought so many of korean groceries. hehe! i'm so happy!!!! i can start my korean cooking soon. yeayyyyy for me! :)

oh yes, it took me 4 hours to get to the grocery store. are u shocked? dont be coz i came all the way from serdang. plus today is saturday....and the crowds.....ufffgh! so basically my journey to get to the ingredients i needed was 6hours! and yes....i bought a lot with me even though i only brought 1 backpack along with me. do u know why? bcoz the mart is so far from my house. it consumes time and money lol! ok. i'l update later wht were the stuffs i bought today bcoz now i feel like throwing up! i guess maybe bcoz of too many carbon monoxide i inhaled while waiting for the bus (*_*)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Phill Mart and Korean Mart-Ampang

i just got back from korea town in ampang. i bought gochugaru (RM12/kg), Kelp (RM12.65/150g) and Starch Noodle (RM7.69/500g) i'm a happy woman lol....i.A will make kimchi next week. there are some friends of mine that requested me to make kimchi for them and i promised them to prepare it after i finished final exam. guess this is time to make it real ;)

Monday, June 20, 2011

My words...

...they are true. when i say i'm mad at you, it is because im mad at you. when i say i love you, it is truly bcoz i love u. ive no doubt about that. even though it does not mean that i have never lied my entire life, but im not a person who tells lie. hiding the truth and telling lies, those are very different. i might hide the real feelings i have inside of me if i dont want to discuss about it but for sure i wont tell lies. that's how i trained myself. that is how i am.

when i say i wanna be the best child in my family, i mean it. when i say i wanna be the best mom for my future kids, i mean it too..and when i say i wanna be the best companion to my future husband...yes, i also mean it. they are not just my words...they are my promises to myself that i will always try my best to keep it.

i am fragile right now. oh yes i am. life is just like that. sometimes we are up, sometimes we are below down, hit the bottom of the rock. and right now i really feel like i'm at the bottom. i am trying my best to lift myself up again. (now i know it is suffocate enough to be at the bottom, it is like no air for u to breath) i guess this time i'm alone for this one, which is also good for me. because if i depend so much on others, but when the time comes that they are just not there for me, at least i know what to do. i will inshaAllah always remember this moment-the moment that my heart is crushed...minced...diced...and then crushed again...or maybe blended too. it sounds cruel but it is. right now it is time for repairing them. i know, there is no one to do it for me or at least gimme some anesthetic so that i wont feel hurt that much...again, it is myself. i will try my best. today, i am nobody. but someday i believe that i'm going to be somebody who people admire a lot, who can inspire others for good....when that day comes, i will always remember this moment of myself hitting the bottom of the rock so that i will inshaAllah be moderate in everything i do, always remember 'the bottom' whenever i'm up in the sky....and always remember that i will be up in the sky again whenever i'm at the i am right now.

Friday, June 17, 2011

I wanna be your everything.

I wanna be the wind that fills your sails
& Be the moon that moves your tides
& Be the wheel that never rusts
And be the spark that lights you up
When you wake up I'll be the first thing you see
And when it gets dark you can reach out to me
I'll cherish your words
I'll finish your thoughts
And I'll be your compass when you get lost....So much more I wanna be your everything.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


People make a lot of promises....but how many of them really keep the promises...?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

my Korean Cooking @part 2@


Kimchi Bokkeumbap
All by myself:



oisobagi kimchi

beef radish soup a.k.a muwooguk
 i cooked a lot actually..but most of d time i didnt snap any pics of it...hahahah...tht's y these are the only tht i can share...hehe....i'l keep updating my blog with my cooking-but this is not a cooking blog-heheh...whatever...

bila cinta

"...hilangnya cintamu menusuk hatiku...perginya dirimu merobek jantungku..."

bila cinta pergi...

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

hi again

i know its been a while! annyeong!
i juz wanna be brief...i went to iium few days ago to get my certification of status letter...i met usk and lamia...i was so happy to see her after not seeing each other for quit some time...guess what? i'm so happy coz somebody was happy to see me...ive never thought tht usk was going to be so excited seeing me as his ex-stdnt ^^
ok...yesterday i went for my 1st was good....

that's all...i'm so feeling unwell....bye for now!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's be friends

i supposed tht i should be happy when someone said this to me. one party is offering a friendship to me, there's nothing to lose, right? but why on earth is tht i feel so sad instead of happy...

 'Let's be friends', from what i understand are:

1. let's STAY as a friend only-i supposed this tht hurts me.
2. befriends, its much much's an opinion though.
3. i really wanna us to be friends...this sounds really sincere to me.

those 3 definitions, when i mixed them together it makes me realize that  'Let's be friends' is comforting me now. these 3 words even though it is very short and brief but it is also very meaningful to me. who knows being friends is much much better to me and would make me much happier than before.

therefore i wanna stick these words in my mind with the right definition:

'Let's be friends' = Let's be friends who value, care, comfort and appreciate each other =)

Best Wishes,
Han Su Rii.

Monday, January 10, 2011

my Korean Cooking @part 1@

i just finished brekfast. i woke up a bit earlier today. i need to get ready for the POSLAJU van to come to my house. they came once last week and i was in the house but i couldnt hear them (i guess i was taking shower back then) a result, they left me a 'sorry note' saying tht i must pick up the parcel at Post Office. the thg is tht the post office is quite far from my house and i'm new here. so its kind of tideous u i called the post office asking them to re-deliver the item to me. alhamdulillah, they are coming today. so i am waiting for them now. hopefully i wont miss it again coz ths is the last chance for me. actually my mom sent me my lab coat. i need tht for environmental lab next weekend. i guess i wont be allowed to enter the lab without lab coat...hhahaha...besides i need a pair of shoes, one tht fully covered. oh, i forgot to mention, i hate my new vincii shoes. it hurts me. i did try it on bfore i decided to bought it. it seems fine. but later after my 1st day walking to the class with the shoes, i found tht it really didnt suit me. it's bigger than my foot size. yes it was size 8. yes, sometimes i wear size 8 if 7 doesnt fit me.but ths time i guess i got the wrong size for my own shoes. whos's to be blamed? me myself...i picked the shoes bcoz i was tired of looking the one tht really comfort me. that's my fault. ive been to the mall 3x...and i stil couldnt find one tht i really wanted...of course it made me frustrated and gave is a waste u know. see...i wasted my money on the shoes tht i only used for once. now tht i have to find a new one. what a bad luck...

forget bout it. lets talk bout my frst day as master student. hehe. it was 2 days ago. my frens and i went for the M.EE (Master of Environmental Engineering) briefing. surprisingly, more than 50% of us are working. others are fresh graduate like me. u can even find a father and a daughter in d class. yes, im telling u the truth. the father was like 50s..they are chinese. well, there are a few of chinese in my class. one iranian. one sabahan. the rest are malay. there is also my senior (ex iium) in d class...they are from different backgrounds....some from mechanical eng, chemistry, biotechnology and so forth. i guess this is the challenge. those from engnrg bckground might found tht the course is just the continuition frm what theyve learned before but to those who are not from engrg bckground mght found tht it is rather challenging for them. anyway, Good Luck for all of us! ;)

so speaking about corean cooking, i have few things that i wanna highlight...after my few 'experiments' from the recipes i got from maangchi i found that the basic things that u must have if u wanna cook korean dishes are:

1. Soy sauce
2. sesame oil
3. sesame seeds
4. garlic
5. green onion (sometimes we call it spring onion)
6. hot pepper flakes

with those ingredients above, u can make few banchan (side dishes). believe me. ;)

those above are all the korean dishes i made last time. from the top:
1. Gamja jorim-sweet and tasty.

2. gye ran mal yee-easy, tasty, suitable for picnic,lunchbox
3.kongnamulguk-soybean sprout soup. its very tasty. dump ur rice inside the bowl of kongnamulguk. its heaven ;p

4.thats kimchi and oi naengguk

5.squid stir fried-thick, delicious! its very diff from how i cook squid of malay version. u better try this!;D

6.soybean sprout salad
i cooked all of them in one day. it made me so exhausted but happy ;D
later i'l cook some more ;D
*all the recipes are from maangchi. thanks to her!