Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's be friends

i supposed tht i should be happy when someone said this to me. one party is offering a friendship to me, there's nothing to lose, right? but why on earth is tht i feel so sad instead of happy...

 'Let's be friends', from what i understand are:

1. let's STAY as a friend only-i supposed this tht hurts me.
2. befriends, its much much's an opinion though.
3. i really wanna us to be friends...this sounds really sincere to me.

those 3 definitions, when i mixed them together it makes me realize that  'Let's be friends' is comforting me now. these 3 words even though it is very short and brief but it is also very meaningful to me. who knows being friends is much much better to me and would make me much happier than before.

therefore i wanna stick these words in my mind with the right definition:

'Let's be friends' = Let's be friends who value, care, comfort and appreciate each other =)

Best Wishes,
Han Su Rii.