Tuesday, November 9, 2010

zai jian IIUM

thank Allah!
at last, i'm done with all d exams...haha. only 3papers but still make me headache. i was a bit sad when my lecture who teaches me Solid Waste Engineering said thanks to everybody (just 3 of us for his class) while collecting the exam paper this afternoon. hmm...i guess this is the feeling we have to experience at least once in our lifetime...feeling of letting go of something. is this it? is this the end of my 6 years here? yeah...i think this is it.

that's d hard feeling part. the other part is for the freedom! that i'm free. no more exams. i have finished my engineering course. well, of course i'm happy ;D see! that's a big grin there. hehe.

it's time to packing up now. i'm back for good-inshaAllah. by the way, i'm going back to my hometown tmrw...QiQi too. cant wait to try out those korean food recipes of maangchi !!! ;)