Sunday, October 31, 2010

you nan peng you ma? jiehun ba....

i talked to my mother last nite. through phone. and i felt so relieved....not 100% but perhaps 65% hahahah...we actually discussed about my master program matters since they (my family) already received my offer letter-what the hell in that envelop? it's more than 48 sheets of form. many forms with variety of colors. u name it.- what makes me feel so unburdened is that she said somethg like:

"u got a place. it's better if u can pursue it right away..."

haha. we actually are on d same page, right? ;) i'm really happy that she thinks d same way as i do. plus, it is only for 1.5 years. i just have to be patient and grit my teeth till i get d degree. and then, that's it! i made it! hehe. if everythg goes well and according to the plan, July 2012 i'l be finished with my study. at that time i'l be 26 years old!!!! is it too old? it's juz ok right?

well, back to the story, she asked me d above question as in the post title-of course in our language not chinese. i'm d only one who can speak chinese, none in my family so far ;p
so i was shocked back then. there u go. she started to ask me the 'loaded question' again after 2 semester i have not heard of it. i thought she had forgotten it. but obviously she didn't...hehe.
i asked her why and she said that if i had one, just get married first. then i said, i didn't have money (as if i do have one...hahaha)-she just laughed!

my mother's plan: i work, i get married, i further master.
my plan: further study, work, get married.

do u see the differences in terms of priority level? hahaha. that's my mother we are talking about. that's what she sees for my future.

i've to get back to study. see u!