Friday, October 1, 2010

Hanyu, QiQi, Convo.

3 benda je sy nk update.

1stly, i've been to this level 2 hanyu shangke. alhamdulillah. i feel good bout ths. however, sometimes i do feel tht ths class is very easy for me. why is tht? d reason is bcoz i went to a tougher hanyu shang ke 2 years ago. eventhough i only went for 3 times but seriously the method of teaching was so different and the lessons were thougher tht me myself couldnt catch up. so now what i feel is tht this level 2 clas tht i'm attending ths sem is just like my level 1 clas with other teacher 2years ago! nevertheless, the writing part is quite challenging to me coz i've nvr done it before. there are so many hanzi (chinese character) tht we need to know, memorize! there are also ways to write d character itself, not only write the words! i maybe good in speaking but for writing i can say that i'm totally a waste. hahahahah! dont worry, i'l improve it ;p
in my clas, there is a female student. she's good in writing (and even speaking! i got jealous of her. hahahah!)...women de laoshi praised her writing. very smooth, correct. rupe2 that sis already learn chinese during her primary school untill standard 6! how can u compare those who learned chinese for 6 years and those who learned it for only few months.....?? it's unfair, isn't it? hehehhe. she's good. i admit tht. but u know what...i'l be better than her. i swear!

about QiQi (ths is d right way to spell his name....not CiCi anymore)'s a chinese name for him. well, i juz came back from a clinic. i brought him for his last vaccination. dont want to talk bout it. i guess it is bcoz i'm so frustrated with ths clinic and d vet!

for tmrw, my frens are graduating....tmrw is their convocation day. Congratz everyone!!!