Wednesday, December 15, 2010

no title...just a few things here and there

1. my birthday wishlist:
- i want to get married.

2. right now i'm busy preparing myself for a postgraduate study next year, I.A.

3. QiQi is recovering from a few infected wound. i'm gonna cut his ball after he's completely ok. need to settle everything before i go to kl again. otherwise, nobody will take care of him during the process.

4. i received many wedding invitation cards from frens. surprisingly, they all get married as soon as they finish their uni study. great! they are really a good planner, not like me. hahahah.

5. it seems like i've to temporarily stop the korean cooking. not forever. just for a while since i'm busy right now with things here and there. ;)

i guess this is it for my latest update. c u next time! ;)


good2009life said...

Hi Han surii:
It's me maha al debes , first time reading an article at your blog , nice as usual
I wish your birthday wishes becomes true

Suri said...

Salam u're also here with me..? =) thank you for visiting. anyway i dont think tht people actually read my post...haha! thanks to you for the dua (Amiin). inshaAllah, the time will come...maybe this year, or next year or even in the next life in hereafter.So, i wish the same for u as well.May Allah grant u happiness here and hereafter.