Friday, December 18, 2009


8/12/2009-i found a stray kitten at d back of my mahallah's cafe. so strange... i was talking to my friends about Ronaldo, the kitten that i was supposed to adopt....the one that i'm waiting to take her since i first saw her. it was juz tht the owner want me to wait for a lil since the baby was still breastfeeding. so i waited with patient...but then...the rest was just a bad history to me (i was so upset for loosing her eventhough the owner already made a promise to let me adopt her)

i took her. bring her to my room. she was so weak. cant even stand up properly. she was so quiet. i thought she was dumb. i was this the sign from Allah that i lose ronaldo so that i can take this kitten...i didnt make up my mind. i still waitg for ronaldo. maybe i'l get a chance to adopt her...tht kitten, i put her outside my room.

9/12/2009-she's gone. i dunno where it would be. i juz dont care much coz im still thinking of ronaldo...
Evening: my roommate nadia bring the kitten to me. she said somethg like "sue, sy bwk kucing awk ni..." i was landing on my bed at tht time-still thinking of cat???since when die jd mine? i didnt even make up my mind...(i spoke to myself). i took her. bathed her...using my shampoo...hihihi. the color of the water i used to 'soak' her was really "black"-i wondered, ni warna bulu die ke yg gugur.... =D

11/12/2009-made up my mind. i'l adopt her. i named her cici. i bathed her again-as a sign i took her half officially....another half will be completed when i take her to vet. i made a litterbox for her, using newspaper as the 'catsand'. sy miskin lg time ni. waiting for my sholar...

13/12/2009-went to JJ. shooping for cici's stuff-catsand, litterbox, food, collar (too big for her, last skali tkleh pki gak...hua3.....Total:RM50

16/12/2009-went to Setapak Pet Shop. bought cage, pet carrier, food, sand, new collar (smaller than the previous one, shampoo, slicker brush, toys, nail clippers and so on. Total: RM217.70. kata pakcik driver taxi yg anta aku: "bahagianye sape yg jd kucing awk..."

18/12/2009-bring her to Melawati Urban Pet Clinic (mmg btui2 urban lah! tiptop!)...pegi clinic ni pon sbb tgk kt tenet rmi yg recommend ths clinic. afterall, i did call this clinic twice. first was on wed to check whether ths clinic will be opened on the fri (today) since today is public hol. when i was on d phone wit the doc, i knew tht ths is the right clinic n vet for cici. he was so kind, warm and friendly and has passion to know more bout cici. dan tk kedekut nk bg advise wlupon ms tu cici blm tntu lg akn jd patient die ke pg td aku bwk cici ke sn. dkt jer ng uia. Dr. S. Kathiravan was so welcoming us. =) clinic pon bersih...cantik. baru lg kot. ada pet boarding gak. lau utk kitten size cici ni RM20/day. hmmm...then only i confirmed that cici was a BOY...not a girl. hehehe...cici...cici...nex appointment will be on thur, 24/12/2009 for his first vaccination. nti kn vaccine 3x...cici actually da tlepas waktu vaccine die. tkpela...smpt lg nk kejar kan cici kan...vaccine pon murah je kt sini RM40. tmbh cosultation RM10 so total will be RM50 jela. every 3 weeks die kn vaccine for three times...after that next year la plak...heheheh. td tkleh nak vaccine trus sbb dr kt kn tgu die sht-tkde kutu n cacing also brt bdn kn tmbh sket. td berat cici 1.1kg shj. berat ideal spatutnye 1.5-1.8kg. or 2kg. umr die 3-4bulan (as i expected). taring cici patah sbb tu mulut berbau sbb jd caviti. doc said no need to worry cos sooner his teeth akn gugur gak. sbb br gigi susu. gum die tk bpe cht tp minor jer kt doc. so overall my cici is fine. =)

Consult RM20
stool check RM10
Deworm RM10
Advantage spot-on (ubat kutu) RM10

p/s: i highly recommended ths clinic for those who loves their pets =)